Behind the mask(s) of today’s Africa

This issue of ceo Magazine takes a peek behind the mask(s) of today’s Africa. It relates stories of creative, entrepreneurial, visionary firms that have successfully gained a foothold in Africa.

For the cover image, we allowed ourselves to be inspired by the great African masters of woodcarving. It shows a mask with plumes from the Pende-Region in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Accompanying each article on the following pages is a different African mask – details about them can be found at the end of the magazine.

It’s high time to shed light on the masks of Africa and learn more about the true potential of this continent!


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Jeannine Naegeli

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Title photo: Rainer Wolfsberger, Mask displayed in Museum Rietberg Zurich

The opinions expressed by the interviewees may vary with those of the publisher.

This issue of our “ceo” magazine is available in German, French and English.

The next issue of “ceo” will appear in June 2016 and focus on the topic of “visionary family businesses.”

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