Questions to PwC experts regarding Africa

Jürg Niederbacher

Partner, Leader Commodity Trading Switzerland

What is the biggest change and transformation that occurred in Africa over the last 5 years?

There was a significant rise of the middle class in Africa. This leads to economic opportunities for Swiss companies. However, compared to other countries, Africa – with its many nations – is more challenging to enter. The right local support from the start is key to avoid critical errors and makes the expansion to Africa a success story.

Fabio Dell’Anna

Partner, Leader Corporate Tax West

What are the most remarkable traits and differences when doing business with Africans?

In Africa actions speak louder than words. Identifying and accurately understanding the specificities of the different African countries and regions is essential.

Gill Sivyer

Partner, Global Leader International Development

What are the major challenges that lie ahead for Africa?

Africa offers enormous opportunities to future generations – 200 million people aged between 15 and 24, 10 % of the planet’s oil and one third of its mineral wealth. The major challenges will be how to leverage the wealth for the benefit of all without increasing the gap between rich and poor, and with strong governance. The growth in population will also require improvements in access to healthcare and education to ensure a skilled and active workforce.

Claudio Prante

Senior Manager, Strategy

Mastering the transition from a continent of “extraction” to a partner in sustainable and equitable growth: Western businesses, especially, are increasingly becoming aware that this can only be achieved when partnering with farsighted, less autocratic, entrepreneurial and trustworthy counterparts.

Günther Dobrauz

Partner, Leader Legal FS Regulatory and Compliance Services

How can Africa be more successful through investments?

Africa is one of the fastest growing regions in the world. Whilst resources and commodities have historically played a key part in African growth, in recent times growth has also been enhanced by the rise in consumerism, tourism and the fast development of sectors such as telecommuni­cations. Well­directed investments will accelerate sustainable growth and value creation for all stakeholders.

Yvan Serret

Director, International Development

What is your best tip for maintaining a successful relationship with African business partners?

Africa is a continent made up of 54 countries. Respect the culture in each of those countries and treat people as equals.

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