When life meets science

“We learn when we fail.”
Henry Markram

A peek through the microscope reveals instantly: nothing is as exciting, colourful and forevermore astounding as life itself. Especially when scientific findings give us new, fascinating answers to the major and minor questions in life.

For that reason, we’ve dedicated not only the cover photo, but also the entire content of this new issue of ceo Magazine to the crossroads between “Life” and “Science”.

This time, the articles portray outstanding personalities as well as small and large companies from across Switzerland. Although involved in different industries, they have one thing in common: with their daily work, technological achieve­ments or creativity, each one of them is attempting step-by-step to improve our very existence – be it via different approaches to life or through modern science. Thus the icon at the beginning of each article indicates which of these two themes is being addressed:  “Life” or “Science”.

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Which hidden talent does Gerold Biner, CEO of Air Zermatt, have? And for Lukas Braunschweiler of Sonova, what sound immediately evokes memories of his childhood?

You’ll find answers to these and other interesting questions in the online version.



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This issue of our “ceo magazine” is available in German, French and English.

The next issue of “ceo” will appear in November 2017 and focus on the topic of “Trust in the Digital Age”.

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