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Growth is dictated by success

Reportage: Facts and figures

Caspar Coppetti tells us how a shoe goes around the world

Lukas Böni explains how he plants meat

Sandra Emme scaling up based on digitalisation

Reportage: Culture and growth

Claudia Meyer refurbishes old cars

Mike Allison about the potential of a chip

Naomi MacKenzie and Anastasia Hofmann combat food waste in commercial kitchens

Silvia Schweickart is on the hunt for young talent

Reportage: Challenges and growth

Philippe Sahli revolutionises how we deal with costs

Laura Meyer plans travel sustainably

Christoph Schmitz hovers in the air over culinary delights

Business model and growth

Current studies on the subject

Studies on Courage

Michaela Christian Gartmann explains, how trust can create courage

Bits and pieces

Ellen Ringier about the connection between courage and upbringing

Lara Dickenmann makes women’s football more successful

Courageous stories

Carole Hubscher calls for a new culture of mistakes

Petra Ehmann plucks up the courage to question everything

Boost your courage

Bea Knecht knows why you also need to say “no”

Monique Bourquin shows that there are many different sides to courage

Patrizia Laeri, Nadine Jürgensen and Simone Züger don’t let anybody hold them back


Helen Keller shows why being brave is also a social issue

Daniela Marino is brave enough to dare to do crazy things

Mirjam Staub-Bisang understands what it takes to be a courageous leader

Yoga for courage

A journey in large and small steps

Green opportunity

Let’s make sustainability redundant

Reportage: Planet

Katrin Schneeberger sees the economy as a pillar of a successful, long-term environmental strategy

Urs Leugger-Eggiman explains how the private sector can future-proof itself by conserving nature

Yvan Bourgnon on the fight against the plastic flooding into the world’s oceans

Reportage: People

Martin Bachofner sees education as an opportunity for improving social sustainability

Alina Swirski explains how thousands of Swiss companies are doing business more sustainably

Corine Blesi talks about ethical management and responsible investing

Reportage: Perspective

For Antje Kanngiesser, sustainability is more than just a business model

Nicholas Hänny is helping to transform the textile industry through sustainable fashion

Tilmann Lang and Falko Paetzold are working to make sustainable investing more simple and effective

Reportage: Sustainable cities

The working world of the future

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The evolving workplace

Work in progress

Reportage: Digital Upskilling

Nicolas Bürer on the importance of life-long learning

Marianne Janik encourages a culture of continuous training

Reportage: Workplace of the future

Sarah Steiner is committed to combining family and career

Jörn Harde on the culture shift that is required by the workplace of tomorrow

Reportage: New management

Heike Bruch calls for visible role models

Detlef Trefzger is navigating the crisis with a steady hand and a digital focus

Reportage: Diversity and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are part of Valentin Fisler’s company DNA

Sarah and Peter Hiltebrand see diversity as a valuable asset

Trust involves evolving

Prof. Antoinette Weibel makes mistrust measurable

Trust in society

Gunnar Jansen trusts his mechanics blindly

Iris Menn fights for Mother Nature

Evelyne Binsack knows her limits

Essay on trust: A panoptic view of a multifaceted notion

Heinz Karrer counts on understanding

Prof. Martin K. W. Schweer talks about love

Martin Eisele opens doors for us

Beatrice Tschanz thinks speech is golden

Accelerated development offers an array of possibilities

Françoise Clemes is close to the customer

Customer focus

Thomas Klühr

Thomas Klühr personalises passenger offers

Andrea Schenker-Wicki fosters high-level education

Andreas Kubli reports more than 100 million logins

Philomena Colatrella answers customer enquiries herself

Ole Wiesinger takes a look back

Tobias Kindler places customers in the spotlight

Simona Pfister celebrates a 500th anniversary

Andreas Braendle helps mobile phones in need

Felix Graf marvels at the printed word

Reiner Pichler counts on omnichannel

Special Insights into customer needs

How do customers tick these days?

Simona Scarpaleggia advocates female empowerment

Thierry Kneissler drives digitalisation

Homo digitalis

Jonas Lüscher is no cultural pessimist

Patrick Warnking counts on individual skills and strengths

Pascal Koenig helps hopeful couples to know when it’s time

Damian Weber, Michael Gasser & Benjamin Habeggeroptimise athlete training

Tobias Schubert & Roman Hartmann are revolutionising the online market for bio produce

Kristina Tsvetanova helps the blind

Boris Beaude wants us to think change

Morten Brøgger helps companies communicate securely

Mathieu Jaton turns music into a World Documentary Heritage

“Humans should be conscious of how we go about using machines”

Human value in the digital age

Urs Rohner counts on trust and confidentiality

Courage and responsibility in balance

Trust in the Digital Age

Bruno Giussani spreads ideas with added value

Tobias Häckermann digitises what’s on the agenda

Alain Dehaze makes workers fit for the future

Susanne Ruoff links the physical with the digital world

Martin Bosshardt tracks the hackers

Herbert Bolliger lets his fridge do the shopping

Anna Alex thinks data analytics is in fashion

Thomas Trachsler guards also against digital threats

Arnfin Bergmann uses data for therapy

Urs Schaeppi makes secure connections throughout Switzerland

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The Essential Eight

Turning industry dynamics into an opportunity

Joe Jimenez pairs successful management with science

Life & Science

Gerold Biner lives his boyhood dream of flying

Henry Markram is on the trail of the brain’s secrets

René Prêtre thinks technology has not outmoded surgical skill

Antoine Hubert foresees profound change in the healthcare system

Grégoire Poux-Guillaume wants to improve our lives with his technology

Simon Michel looks to keep it simple

Lukas Braunschweiler gets people to listen-up

Gilbert Ghostine und Geneviève Berger never have a bad air day

Marc Forster addresses thorny issues with a tender touch

Roland Siegwart helps robots to understand the world

Hans Peter Gmünder knows that time heals

Trends in the Life & Sciences field