Current studies on
the subject

Study “The secret to accelerating performance”

In top-class sport, fractions of a second make the difference between winning and losing. The same holds true in business. This publication from PwC shows that companies need to dynamically harmonise their decisions, approaches and investments in order to achieve excellence.

Study «Hopes and Fears»

Everyone wants transformation, but what if the most qualified employees don’t take part and prefer to reinvent themselves instead? This PwC study explains why neither the workforce nor the company culture are taken for granted today – and why that is. 

Swiss edition of the ‘26th Annual Global CEO Survey’ 

The agenda of Swiss CEOs is characterised by multi-layered crisis management. What’s special about this is that all of these crises are happening at the same time. This PwC study sheds light on how CEOs think about it, what exactly they do and how they look to the future.

External studies on the topic


Study «Scale-ups and scaling in an international business context»

This piece of research takes a close look at scaling in an international context, and concludes that sustained rapid growth can expand – or revolutionise – existing initiatives, organisational environments and ecosystems.

Study «Clarifying the scaling concept»

According to this scientific publication, scaling is currently taking place in the areas of markets, volume, finance and organisation. The authors provide a consistent definition of the term as well as various metrics for comparing companies’ scaling performance.