“Studies on the topic of courage
and women”

“Generation Daughter” study

In Swiss family businesses it’s still more common for a business to be passed down to a man than to a woman. The study examines the role of women in the succession process.

“Women in Work 2022” study

For ten years, equality in the workplace between men and women steadily improved year on year. But this trend has now ground to a halt. The report analyses female employment in the 33 OECD countries and shows why the progress that was made has now gone backwards by at least two years.

External studies on the topic

“Courage in Switzerland” study

A total of 12,934 people aged between 18 and 70 were surveyed on their opinions about courage as part of the “Courage in Switzerland” study (original German title: “Mut in der Schweiz”). It revealed that most people wish they were more courageous.

The questionnaires included in the study revealed some interesting results. Be inspired by them and rethink your own attitude towards courage.