PwC studies on the topic
«Green opportunity»

Nature is too big to fail (2020)

Biodiversity: the next frontier in financial risk management

Leading the way to a green and resilient economy (2020)

Solutions for a sustainable financial sector

Circularity as the new normal (2021)

Future fitting Swiss businesses

Greening central banking (2021)

Why the time is ripe to rethink the macro­prudential framework to include climate-related risks.

Swiss edition of the 24th Annual CEO Survey (2021)

Into the future with optimism and drive

Private equity’s ESG journey: From compliance to value creation (2021)

Global Private Equity Responsible Investment Survey 2021

External studies on the topic

Bridging the Gap (2020)

Measuring Progress on the Climate Goal Alignment & Climate Actions of Swiss Financial Institutions

IFZ Sustainable Investments Studie 2020

Sustainable thematic funds

Nachhaltigkeit lohnt sich – jetzt erst recht! (2021)

Society and companies in transition

Corporate attitudes towards sustainability 2020

Impact of COVID-19 on sustainability priorities

Sustainability & Leadership Studie (2021)

Exclusive study and survey of top managers on sustainability and leadership in German companies

Consumer Products and Retail (2020)

How sustainability is fundamentally changing consumer preferences