PwC studies on the topic
“Trust in society”

Sicherheit in einer vernetzten Welt (2019)

Trust in the police
The latest situation and developments relating to security in Switzerland

Digital Trust Insights (2018)

Trust in digitalisation
10 ways to engender trust in digitalisation – vis-à-vis people, technologies and processes

Global Blockchain Survey (2018)

Trust in blockchain
The latest status of blockchain companies, and four valuable strategies for the future

Global Consumer Insights Survey (2018)

Trust in trade
Challenges for brands and merchants in gaining authenticity and trustworthiness

Workforce of the future (2018)

Trust in the workplace
Four possible “Worlds of Work” for 2030

Vertrauen in Medien (2018)

Trustworthiness of the media
People’s trust in the German media

External studies on the topic

ETH security study (2019)

Trust in public institutions and authorities
Trends in shaping public opinion on foreign, security and defence policy

Data trustworthiness study (2019)

Trust in data
The ramifications of divulging personal data on the Internet

Worry Barometer (2018)

Trust in institutions
Concerns and national identity factors from the viewpoint of the Swiss populace

Edelman Trust Barometer (2019)

Trust in governments, NGOs, the economy and media

Digital news report (2019)

Trust in news sources
News site usage by people with Internet access